Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades

Service, Repair & Modify Your Car

Located strategically at Kaki Bukit, our workshop comprises of two full units, with a full car servicing facility for all your automobile needs.. This allows us to accommodate more cars in terms of tuning and auto workshop services. Furthermore, having our partners close by means better turnaround time for many cases.

The following list will give you an idea of the kind of car servicing and auto repairs and modifications we do.

General workshop services
  • Dynamometer services: Discover your car’s performance with true simulated road conditions.
  • Emissions Testing: Ensure your car emissions are within safe levels.
  • Servicing & Maintenance: Keep your car performing at tip-top conditions.
  • Performance Parts Installation: Equip your vehicle with cutting edge modifications.
  • Repairs: Detect and repair any problem your car is facing.
Northern California’s Only Manic Motorsport Dealer

If you’re at all tuned in to the MINI Cooper performance community, you’ve heard of Manic Motorsport. Made up of a team of experts from around the world, Manic Motorsport used their combined knowledge to come up with a line of fully loaded vehicles that, when modified, are ready to get out and compete for championships.

BTM Motorwerks is proud to be the only Manic Motorsport dealer in the area. Ask about our Manic Motorsport products, and we’ll show you how we’ve adopted this peak performance brand as our own.

Motorvac Fuel System Cleaning & Decarbonizing Service
  • Complete, professional fuel injection cleaning and engine decarbonizing service
  • Unique time saving adapter system makes connecting to the rail simple and fast
  • An easy-to-use online application guide provides visual, step by step instructions on how to attach to thousands of vehicles quickly
  • Built-in diagnostic capabilities
  • Premixed detergent solution utilizes MotorVac’s proprietary CarbonClean chemistry
Dynamometer: Mustang-MD-AWD-150
  • First Mustang in Singapore.
  • Only Dyno In Singapore That Measures 0-100km/h and ¼ mile sprint with 99% accuracy.
  • Eddy-Current Loading Provides Real Road Conditions
  • Weather Station Link-Up For Accurate Compensations – No More Fairy Tale Readings.
  • Measures Up To 1200bhp
  • Equipped with Carbon Emissions Testing Capability
Performance Parts Installation

Boost your car with a total transformation by installing our cutting edge performance parts.