AEM DryFlow Air Filter Cleaner



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Time takes a heavy toll on your DryFlow Filter. Day in and day out, it’s on the frontline of defending your engine from grit and grime. After a while, all that gunk builds up and puts a chokehold on your airflow—and that spells doom for your performance. When it’s time to restore your filter, reach for the AEM DryFlow Filter Cleaner.

Exclusively formulated for your DryFlow and other synthetic filters, AEM DryFlow Cleaner powers through muck without mucking up the fibers in your filter. Once you spray it on, it gets right to work loosening up dirt and dissolving away filth. After a 10-minute soak, simply hose out your filter, let it dry and it’s ready for unobstructed flow and unbridled power.

From flat-panel filters for your airbox to conical-shaped filters for your cold air intake, AEM Filter Cleaner works with ‘em all. And since it comes in a handy 32oz spray bottle, it’s easy to apply and lasts for multiple cleanings. Plus, your AEM Air Filter Cleaner is backed by a Limited Warranty.


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