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Toss out your oiled cotton gauze filter and switch to an oil-free AEM DryFlow Universal Cone Air Filter
Comes in your choice of universal shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of intakes made by the biggest brands—K&N, Volant, aFe, Injen and AEM
DryFlow Cone Filters are built from a single layer of synthetic polyester material supported by a nylon-reinforced internal cage
Deep pleats add extra surface area for enhanced airflow and peak performance
Better at trapping engine-killing crud, grime and debris than traditional cotton gauze filters
AEM developed the DryFlow Filter in conjunction with K&N
Goes a full 50,000 miles before it needs servicing
Easy to clean with zero oil needed
Fully street legal when connected to a street legal intake system
AEM DryFlow Universal Cone Air Filters are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Maintaining your cold air intake system shouldn’t be as arduous as installing it. Unfortunately, if your CAI sports an oiled cotton gauze filter at the tip, you’re in for some seriously messy and time-consuming servicing. Break free from this vicious service circle by upgrading to an AEM DryFlow Universal Cone Air Filter.

Born from a collaboration between AEM and K&N, the AEM Universal DryFlow Air Filter features the best traits of a traditional cotton gauze filter without a drop of oil. Its single layer of synthetic polyester filter material is deeply pleated to maximize surface area for fast airflow, and the nylon-reinforced internal cage adds structural integrity to the design. Grit and grime are stripped away as the air flows through, ensuring clean gusts of energy-rich oxygen reach your engine for explosive combustion, huge horsepower and tremendous torque.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, the AEM Dry Flow Universal Cone Filter fits right in on practically any intake—K&N, AEM, Volant, aFe and more. And after you clock 50,000 miles, it cleans up quick with the help of AEM DryFlow Air Filter Cleaner. To top it off, AEM covers your DryFlow Universal Cone Filter with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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