aFe Air Filter Cleaning Kit (Squeeze Bottle)



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Keep your aFe air filter running like it just popped out-of-the-box with the aFe Squeeze Bottle Air Filter Cleaning Kit
Formulated for the entire range of aFe drop-in and Cold Air Intake air filters
2-step process washes away crud and renews your filter
Includes 12oz of Air Filter Cleaner and 8oz bottle of Filter Oil
Features a squeeze bottle for easy, precision application
Good for up to 3 thorough recharges, about 150,000 miles
Sure, your aFe high-performance air filter is designed to last a lifetime, but it takes a little care on your part. So, keep that filter like new with the aFe Squeeze Bottle Air Filter Cleaning Kit. Custom formulated for every filter in the aFe lineup, this recharge kit is the easy way to keep yours running like the day you got it.

Under normal driving conditions, your aFe air filters needs a good scrub and re-oil every 30,000 – 50,000 miles. The aFe Squeeze Bottle Air Filter Cleaning Kit makes easy work of this task thanks to the squeeze bottle applicator and easy-to-follow instructions.

aFe includes a 12oz bottle of aFe Filter Cleaner and an 8oz squeeze bottle of filter oil that together yield about 3 full filter recharges. That means just one kit keeps your engine running tip-top for the next 150,000 miles.


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