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Extend the life of your intake filter with the aFe MagnumSHIELD Pre–Filter
Stops dirt, insects and other crud from gumming up your filter and curbing your performance
Constructed from a smart polyester mesh fabric that won’t restrict air flow
Drying time is an hour at 70 degrees and cleans up easily with soap and water
Available in multiple sizes to fit any aFe intake filter
2-year manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship and defects in the material of your seat covers.

high–flow filter riding at the tip of your intake doesn’t just suck in huge gusts of energy–rich oxygen. It’s also a magnet for dirt, bugs and other roadway debris—all the crud that clogs it up. Keep your filter running at peak performance by blocking the big stuff with an aFe MagnumSHIELD Pre–Filter.

Like a force field for your air filter, the MagnumSHIELD deflects grit, grime and gunk before it has a chance to fly into your filter. After a few thousand miles, just pop it off, clean it with soapy water and it’s ready for action again. Better still, it lets you go longer between filter cleanings.

Even though your aFe Pre Filter sits on top of your filter, it doesn’t choke off airflow. The ingenious polyester mesh fabric lets oxygen blow through without a lick of restriction. Plus, they come in a range of sizes to fit any aFe power intake filter, and they’re covered by a 2–year warranty.


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