AirAid SynthaMax Universal Cone Air Filters



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Own the cone with the Airaid SynthaMax Universal Cone Air Filter
Universally sized to fit aftermarket intake setups
2 layers of non-oiled, 100% synthetic fiber surrounded by 304 stainless steel mesh make up each SynthaMax filter
Multiple material layers deliver maximum airflow and engine protection
Simply wash your SynthaMax with regular household detergents
Reusable design is meant to be the last filter you ever buy
Hand-poured urethane frame is far superior to traditional rubber
304 stainless steel mesh screens add rigidity – no pressure collapsing
Made with pride in the USA
Your Airaid SynthaMax Universal Cone Air Filter is backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Believe it or not, that machine under your hood is a lot like the Coneheads of Saturday Night Live fame. Only instead of consuming mass quantities of fried eggs and six-packs, your under-hood powerplant consumes mass quantities of air. So, make sure that air is clean and fresh with the SynthaMax Universal Cone Air Filter.

Like all Airaid SynthaMax filters, your cone filter is made from 2 layers of non-oiled, 100% synthetic fiber surrounded by 304 stainless steel wire mesh and supported by a urethane frame. Needlefelt polyester delivers the first stage of filtration and high-airflow. On the inside, rayon and polyester capture any runaway articles that sneak through-giving you maximum airflow and ultimate protection against motor-mangling crud.

What makes SynthaMax different is ease of use and long life. It uses no oil, so cleanup is as easy as squirting on some household detergent, allowing drying time and reinstalling the filter. The material is endlessly reusable, so SynthaMax could very well be your last air filter. What’s more, Airaid makes it in the USA and backs your Universal Cone Air Filter with a “No Hassle” Lifetime Warranty.


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