K&N PreCharger Air Filter Wrap



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Give your K&N filter an extra layer of protection with the K&N PreCharger Air Filter Wrap
Extends the service of your filter when used in dusty conditions
Stops small dirt particles with minimal airflow restriction
Made from durable polyester containing a uniform weave of micron openings
Double stitched elastic ends keep the PreCharger securely in place
Designed to be run dry
Easy to clean with K&N Filter Cleaner
Available in a variety of colors
Your K&N PreCharger Air Filter Wrap is backed by a 1-year warranty

Even though your K&N filter is nearly indestructible, it’s still susceptible to nasty dirt build-up when you’re driving through dusty conditions. In this case, the regular cleaning of your air filter just will not suffice. Instead of worrying about it when you’re behind the wheel, slip on a K&N PreCharger Air Filter Wrap and call it a day.

With the K&N PreCharger covering your filter, small dirt particles are screened out while adding minimal airflow restriction. Plus, it’s made from a strong polyester material with micron openings that stays put on your filter with built-in elastic ends. And, this air filter wrap is designed to be run dry, while you can also clean it up easily with the application of K&N Filter Cleaner.

What’s more the K&N PreCharger Air Filter Wrap comes in a variety of colors, and it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.


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