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Restore and rejuvenate your oil-less filter with the K&N Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner
Designed for use on K&N’s line of Hybrid air filters—perfect for the new K&N 71 Series Blackhawk Intake family
Its powerful formulation loosens tough dirt deposits for excellent results without a lot of effort
Also works on non-K&N synthetic dry filters, including the AEM Dryflow
Comes in a 32 oz. spray bottle—enough for multiple cleanings.

K&N revolutionized the air filter industry when they released their first high-flow cotton-gauze design back in 1969. And they did it again with the release of their dryflow synthetic filters, which provide all the airflow of their original filters but without a drop of oil. Unfortunately, old-school recharge kits don’t work with the new generation of filters. To keep yours flowing strong, clean it up with the K&N Synthetic Filter Cleaner.

When your synthetic filter starts collecting dust, gunk and road grime, reach for the K&N Dry Filter Cleaner. It’s specially formulated to bust up crud on contact, loosening and dissolving stubborn crud build up. After a few minutes of soaking, hit it with some fresh water, let it dry and you’re back to full performance.

Whether you have a single filter to scrub or a fleet’s worth, the K&N Dry Filter Cleaning Kit has you covered. It also comes in a generous 32 ounce spray bottle that’s good for multiple cleanings. Plus, the accurate nozzle helps cut down on overspray, so you can get the most out of every squeeze.


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