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Shield your Takeda Air Filter from twigs, bugs and other airborne debris with the Takeda Pre–Filter
Built to last from dry–woven polyester mesh
Protects without blocking airflow
Cleans easily with soapy water for years of dependable service
Available in a wide range of sizes to fit Takeda Air Filters for intakes
Takeda covers your Pre–Filter with a 2–year warranty.

Your Takeda filter can’t catch a break. Not only does it have to strip away tiny impurities from the oxygen flowing through its pleats, it also has to contend with everything else that’s sucked into your engine compartment. Juicy June bugs, dried up maple leaves, sharp pine needles—they all have the potential to clog your Takeda air filter and rob your ride’s performance. Add a crud–blocking barricade with Takeda Pre–Filters.

As the first line of defense against debris, Takeda Pre–Filters deflect the big stuff before it gets stuck in your filter’s vulnerable pleats. While the gunk bounces off, air blows right through. Thanks to their dry–woven polyester mesh fabric, Takeda Pre–Filters protect your intake without restricting the free flow of energy–rich oxygen. And, when it gets dirty, a quick bath in some soapy water is all it takes to make it perform like new.

Whether you’re rolling in a lifted pickup or a lowered subcompact, there’s a Takeda Pre–Filter to fit any vehicle with a Takeda intake. Plus, it’s backed by a 2–year warranty.


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