Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filters



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Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filters replace your worn-out performance filter
Tuned specifically to maximize your Takeda intake performance
Works with other brand intakes (sold by size)
Choose the Pro Dry S oil-free filter or the Pro 5R oiled filter
Pro Dry S: Oil-free media, 2 layers of randomly porous fabric, synthetic construction, 99.2% filtration efficiency, quick and easy to service
Pro 5R: Oiled media, 5 layers of medical-grade cotton gauze, each cotton layer is woven progressively tighter, 99.2% filtration efficiency
Both models are cleanable and reusable for a lifetime of use
Ideal for street use and dusty conditions
Simple installation to your intake tube
Your Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filter is backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Let your Takeda (or other brand intake) take a breath of fresh air with a Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filter. Crafted to deliver maximum performance for Takeda’s lineup of sport compact intakes, a fresh Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filter gets the power flow flowing again.

Takeda gives you a choice for replacing your filter. Go for the Pro-Dry S oil-free media-two layers of randomly-porous fabric catch all the engine killing crud. Or get the Pro 5R oiled media with 5 progressively tighter layers of medical-grade cotton gauze. Both filter boast tall, open pleats for increases airflow and optimum performance. And, both feature a tough outer screen to provide strength and prevent damage.

Running a different brand intake? No problem-Takeda Air Intake Filters are sold by size, so just measure your original intake filter, pick the Takeda part that matches those dimensions and let your ride breathe with Takeda power! What’s more, your Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filter is backed by a free-breathing Lifetime Warranty.


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