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Block water, mud and sand from clogging your air intake system with the Volant Cold Air Intake Pre-Filter
Custom-made to fit over the performance air filter in your Volant Cold Air Intake Kit
Adds an extra layer of defense against moisture, grime and other roadway filth
Proprietary hydrophobic treatment repels water away from your filter
Uniformly spaced micron holes prevent debris .005″ or larger from passing
Maintains the smooth rush of oxygen through your intake and into your engine
Sleek black finish blends with all your under-hood components
Volant backs your Cold Air Intake Pre-Filter with a 1-year warranty.

Rainy commutes wreak real havoc on your engine’s performance. Downpours drench your vulnerable air filter, clogging the filtration and bringing flow to a grinding halt. Shield your high-flow air filter from this crippling fate with a Volant Cold Air Intake Pre-Filter. Slipping right over your Volant Air Filter, it blocks water, mud and sand from choking the fast flow of oxygen.

There’s no magic at work inside your Volant Pre-Filter—just ingenious engineering. The power-happy minds at Volant cooked up a proprietary hydrophobic process that bounces water right off the Pre-Filter’s durable polyester fabric. And, precision-patterned micron openings close the door on microscopic crud .005″ or larger to keep your filter clean.

Best of all, the Volant Cold Air Intake Pre-Filter blocks dirt and moisture without interfering with your airflow. Like an invisible wall, cold air flows freely through the pre-filter, to the cotton-gauze air filter and into your engine for the same huge gains in horsepower and torque. Plus, Volant covers your Pre-Filter with a 1-year warranty.


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