Sound Systems

Sound System

Automotive Sound System

Like most OEM automotive suppliers, you want your vehicles to deliver a very positive user experience and thus a happy customer. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by having a great sound produced by the vehicle’s audio system.

Stroud Audio has worked with OEM customers to produce high-value, class-leading sound systems. These vehicles typically have full, deep bass and clear treble, a smooth midrange, enveloping ambience and defined imaging all across the dash/windscreen area.

Our Audio System Design Tools

– Speaker selection using measurement
and listening evaluation
– Speaker mounting location recommendations
– Mounting and sealing advice
– Working with your computer-based tuning
tools or using our own
– Skilled Listening subjective evaluation
– Relevant objective measurement

SAI Sound Design Methods

We use techniques such as transfer function measurement, speaker polar response characterization, and receiver loudness compensation.

An SAI development called “bass management” makes a low-cost speaker perform like one much more capable.

We also use phase manipulation for best imaging and bass-supporting time delay for rear systems to make your vehicle sound better than you may have thought possible.

Stroud Audio has listened to many vehicles which do not sound good and do not reach their full potential.

Heard in some newer vehicles are poor imaging, excess center speaker sound, little or no rear speaker contribution, etc. All save a few of these issues can be easily addressed with our tuning methodologies. The few remaining may require speaker replacement or re-location. SAI can most often help with those issues as well.

More Information about SAI’s Car Audio Tuning Services

We have worked with tuners from other OEM suppliers to optimize the result of their tuning and critique their work as needed for best results.

We will not disclose information about your unreleased new automobiles or the sound systems they use.

SAI can travel to your place of tuning, or we can host your vehicle at our location. When we are working with your car audio development team, we will encourage your team and respect its values.

Finally, Stroud Audio’s design work will provide on-the-job training to increase the skills of your own audio design team.

When you have a vehicle that needs tuning or “re-tuning,” please give Stroud audio a call.